Rice cake machines

• Production line for rice cakes

Re Pietro s.r.l. is in the position to offer and carry out complete lines for the rice/cereal cakes and no-fried snacks production.

The video shows a complete production line for puffed cakes (Ø 90mm) with a production capacity of 8.000 cakes/hour, packed in tube.

The process starts with the preparation of the cereal to be processed. The first step is the increase of the cereal moisture: it is achieved through a mixer by adding a small amount of water. Now, the moisturized product, thanks to a chain transport system will be taken from the mixer and sent to the loading hoppers of the rice cake machines to start the cakes production. The rice cake machines output product (cereal cakes or no-fried snacks), will be conveyed to a conveyor belt which send them to a portioning system able to line up and put on edge them such us set up the wished portion of cakes to be sent to the packaging machine. An horizontal packaging machine, fully mechanical and electronically equipped, is used for the twist band closure of this
"on edge" in "tube" packed product. The line is completed by a metal detector and a system of weight control.

Our puffing machines are in the position to produce cakes starting from rice (brown or polished), maize gritz, wheat, spelt, kamut or cereals mix with the possibility to add also sesame, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, etc.
It is also possible to add salt in order to make the cakes tastier. The output cakes, before to be packed, could also be sent to a chocolate or yogurt covering line or to a flavouring line in order to flavour cakes both with sweet and salty tastes.

The mini rice/cereals cakes (produced by using both grain in nature and pellets) differently flavored (olive oil, chili, hot chili, pizza, cheese, rosemary, etc.) appear to be particularly appreciated by the consumers and the markets are booming as new healthy and delicious low-fat snack because no fried. Such product is realized with our puffing machine by using a multi-stamps mould Ø 45 mm. The output product will then sent to the flavouring line and finally packed in bags for snacks by using vertical packing machines.